Why Linux is better (than windows) ?

8 Feb 2008

I have been using computer since 1993, when i’m in high school. First time i used PC-DOS as my ‘Operating System’, then i change into MS-DOS, then Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98,Redhat6,Mandrake7, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Fedora 6, Fedora 7, and then now, i use Fedora 8 as my Desktop and Server in my lovely Travelmate.

i’veused. But why then i use Linux based as my Desktop ?

It’s all begun when finally i have a new branded notebook, called it Acer Travelmate 3250 with Centrino Core Duo system and 1 GB of RAM from my client, in the middle of year 2006. Then i tried install MS Windows XP for first time, but then i changeintoFedora6 in December 2006.

And now i know why linux is better than windows, exspecially when i read an article from internet, that tell all about the better think of LinuxthanWindows,heretheyarethe reasons : (clickonthetitletoreadtheexplanation - will be open in new window)

  1. Forgetaboutvirus
  2. System stability
  3. Protects your computer
  4. Don’t pay $300 for your operating system
  5. Freedom
  6. When the system has installed, why would you still need to install stuff ?
  7. Update all your software with a single click
  8. Why copy software illegally if you can get it for free ?
  9. Need new software? Don’t bother searching the web, Linux gets it for you
  10. Jump into the next generation of desktops
  11. Does your digital life seem fragmented ? Forget to defragment your drive
  12. Choose what your desktop looks like
  13. Why does your Windows get slower day after day?
  14. Do something for the environment
  15. Enjoy free and unlimited support
  16. Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, with a single program
  17. Don’t wait years for bugs to be solved, report and track them down
  18. Are you tired of restarting your computer all the time ?
  19. Let your old computer have a second life
  20. Play hundreds of games for free
  21. Get a great music player
  22. Keep an eye on the weather
  23. Help other countries, and your own.

And here is the reason why you STILL STUCK with Windows :

  1. There is proprietary software you can’t live without
  2. You’re a hardcore gamer
  3. You work in the book/printing industry
  4. Your hardware is not yet supported

(source : www.whylinuxisbetter.net)

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