16 Jan 2008

Bornat Ponorogo, April 1980. I have a wife and two children. Currently live in Cilebut, Bogor, West Java Indonesia (about 60km from Jakarta).

Now, I am working as an IT Manager at a small company base on Central Jakarta. Has been working with computer since 1993, start programming in 1996. I labeled myself as System Application Developer with a strong management and programming background. Therefore I considered myself as a System Architect, whether is right or not. But I dont just stop in the technical world only, since 2002 I also doing an IT sales and marketing role and now have grown interest in investment and bussiness.

dsc00695.jpgMy basic programming langguage is C including C++ and PHP but also proficient in using Object Pascal and Coldfusion. But with my good understanding in Programming Algorithm I will only have small problem in switching into another programming langguage such as VB.NET or Ruby on Rails even Java.

Programming tools that I used are Ultraedit, Macromedia Dreamweaver, but since i move to Linux world, i use Quanta-Plus and Kate as my best Programming Development. In database area, I have been using MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server and sometimes use Graphical User Interface (browser base) or just write down on console.

Up to now I have been involved in these IT Projects, such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Management System Portal
  • Hospital E-Learning Center
  • Flight Information Display System
  • Human and Resource Management System

For more information or want to drop me some greeting card, just address to : yudhiapr [at] gmail [dot] com or buzz me on YahooMessenger! at yudhi_001





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